Night on the Party Bus

Had a great night out tonight with Live Life Services, we had a night out on the party bus. This is a minibus which has been equipped with a music system, mini bar (which is free), and even karaoke. We had an hour on the bus, which just drove around Middlesbrough while we all enjoyed ourselves. We had so much fun that the hour passed by so quickly, it felt more like ten minutes rather than an hour. The Party Bus is with Millennium Limos and I would highly recommend them if anyone is looking for party bus hire in Teesside.


I’m glad it’s been a good night as things haven’t been too good recently, the job I got didn’t work out and I ended up leaving, telling them that it wasn’t the job for me. I know I made the right decision as I felt so unhappy there (albeit only two days in), but I spend those two days mostly crying as I felt so depressed. I know the next job I get I will be happy in, I’m positive about it. Anyway just a short update for now, I’m off to the cinema tomorrow to see the new Paranormal Activity film, so that should be good.


Take care.

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