Essential Phone Apps for Stag & Hen Nights


If there’s a stag or hen night coming up then there is a few apps you may wish to put on your phone to make the event go as smoothly as possible. Stag and hen nights can easily go wrong but thankfully there are apps to ensure that what can go wrong is kept to a minimum. So in this article we take a look at some useful apps you may wish to use.

Eating Out

Finding somewhere to eat is probably one of the important things you can do when you’re on a stag or hen night. There are many different apps available for finding restaurants; probably the most extensive is OpenTable which features 4,200 restaurants signed up. Vouchercloud is another great app as this one can offer you discounts and offers to many different restaurants. Bookatable is an excellent app you can use as this app will allow you to book a table at a restaurant for free.


Eating Out app


If you are looking for activities to do, places to eat, or hotels then the best app for the job is TripAdvisor. This is an award winning service showing you the top places to visit as well as the best bars and clubs. You can also read reviews and post your own reviews. This is a highly recommended app. If your stag or hen is in Liverpool then the ‘It’s Liverpool app is a must have. This app will show you everything there is to see and do in Liverpool.


Trip Advisor


As mentioned above, accommodation can be found using the TripAdvisor app, however other apps you can use include the app which allows you to book a hotel using the app. HotelTonight allows users to book the day of their stay and the duration with basic to luxury hotel rooms in a wide variety of hotels available. Booking Now is an app affiliated with and features over 47 million reviews.


Staying Safe

It is worth mentioning the TravelSafe Pro app which includes all emergency phone numbers for foreign countries and also the contact details of your country’s embassy; this is important information to have as you never know when you might need it if you are abroad. The app is just 99 pence.


Staying Safe app

Social Media

No doubt on the stag or hen night you will be taking many pictures, and you will want to share them over social media, so make sure you have the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apps installed at the very least. These apps are essential for sharing the night with those who couldn’t make it.


Other Apps

A few other apps worth mentioning are the Wheel of Drinking app; this will save everyone with having to come up with ideas for games. Nothing else is needed, just this app and a drink. Find my Friends can be a very important app to have as it is easy to lose your friends in all the madness, and it can be difficult to find them again, not anymore with this app. If you lose your friends then this app will allow you to track them via GPS so you can easily find them again. If you are abroad and you need a currency converter then XE Currency is the best and most trusted app as these come with charts, live rates are also stored for offline use, meaning you won’t have to use data roaming to find the information.


These are all the essential apps you will need for a great night out and to minimize the risk of any disasters. Above all have a memorable and enjoyable night.

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