Man’s Socks Get Wet While Retrieving Newspaper


The pleasure of wearing dry socks is a liberty that most of us across the world can enjoy and take full advantage of. However for one man in Southampton he found that he was not able to bask in the glory of wearing dry socks as his feet accidentally came into contact with a body of water while he was wearing them.

Richard Fisher, 26 of Sandhurst Road, Southampton woke up one overcast Friday morning and decided he needed a fix of the local news before starting the day. As a result he decided he would exit the safety of his dry, warm house to retrieve his copy of the Daily Echo newspaper which had been left outside his house on the doorstep by the delivery boy, as opposed to putting it through his letterbox for unknown reasons.

Mr Fisher opened his front door and without looking stepped outside and directly into a small puddle which had Wet-socksbeen deposited as an aftermath by a heavy rain storm from the previous night. The victim was so shocked by his failings to acknowledge the wet ground prior to stepping on the offending puddle, that he quickly grabbed his newspaper and retreated safely back inside his property.

Unfortunately this act caused further inconvenience to Mr Fisher because he had carpeted floors and upon contact with his wet socks the result was a visible dark stain being left in the centre of the carpet. After the unfortunate events had took place Mr Fisher required a trip to the local supermarket, which is the Sainsbury’s Local on Bedford Place, Southampton, just 0.3 miles away from his home.

This shopping trip was unplanned but required for two reasons:

  1. He needed a bottle of bleach to wash the wet socks
  2. He also needed a bottle of Vanish Carpet Cleaner to extract the stains that had been imprinted when he re-entered his property


Sainsburys on Bedford Place, Southampton

Richard Fisher issued a statement to us which said: “I had woken up and went to get my morning newspaper without realizing it had been raining the previous night. I stepped out onto the wet pavement and ended up bringing it back into my house.

“This caused me great inconvenience as I needed to go down to Sainsbury’s Local to get bleach and carpet cleaner, then I had to wash my socks and the carpet and because I was so occupied with these tasks I ended up missing Jeremy Kyle, which is even more disastrous because it’s Friday, meaning I won’t get to watch it again for three days.”

However, Mr Fisher believes it is the fault of local media why this happened. He continued:

“It’s just ridiculous, I am an average man and I do not deserve this! I blame the local media for not broadcasting a warning about Southampton’s wet pavements. It is because of them why innocent residents all across the south coast are waking up, stepping out and getting their feet wet simply because they do not know it rained the previous night.”

In a closing statement, Mr Fisher believes his Friday as well as his life has been ruined.

“Every time I look at my carpet it reminds me of that nightmare Friday. There is still an imprint on the section of the floor from when I cleaned the stain. It is much darker than the rest of the floor, and for that reason I am going to have to purchase a brand new carpet before I can even start to move on from this.”

One comment to Man’s Socks Get Wet While Retrieving Newspaper

  • Michael Farrie  says:

    My thoughts are with him at this difficult time!

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