Responding to Spam Emails – Nobert Smid, 29/03/2016

Having a look through the spam folder on my emails earlier this evening, I came across one from one Nobert Smid (, whom was claiming to be in charge of the Claims Department at the National Lottery in the UK and he had a “business proposal” worth over £1million that he wished to discuss with me urgently. (Right-click on the emails, and click “Open in New Tab” to see the full email)

Nobert Smid - Spam - 1

Of course, I decided the best course of action was to reply that I was extremely interested


Nobert Smid - Spam - 2

It didn’t take long for me to get a response from another email address ( that was so detailed in length that it looked like a university dissertation that someone had rushed at the last minute because it was due in the next day! I will spare you the boredom of reading through the whole thing and so I have only included one screenshot of the email:

Nobert Smid - Spam - 3

The first line about the “death of my sister” had me in tears of laughter, since this is the first I have heard of my supposed dead sister. As far as I was aware, I had no siblings, but Mr Nobert Smid seems to know otherwise. I decided to continue playing along and so replied with this and received the following response:

Nobert Smid - Spam - 4

And my final response:

Nobert Smid - Spam - 5

Thinking back, an even funnier response would have been to state that I had been made redundant as a refuse worker and now have to eat out of the bins that I used to empty!

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