Fake MicroSD Cards on eBay and How To Avoid Them

Written by Michael Farrie, Edited by Jack Bromby


This listing is fake, claiming to offer 256GB capacity but in actual fact most likely offering just an 8 GB card. The seller “zoemccook” or should that be “zomeccrook” doesn’t half write some garbage:


When purchasing one of our micro SD memory cards please ensure that you have read and understand the following information. These memory cards are a quality product and have been professionally upgraded at a factory in bulk, as such the capacity of these memory cards can vary from 8gb to 256gb. All of our memory cards are guaranteed have a minimum capacity of 8gb. These are 8GB upgraded cards.” i.e. they’re ALL 8 GB and you’d have to be a fool to believe that anyone could easily re-manufacture a Micro SD card to have more space, virtually impossible! That would involve taking the plastic casing off and rebuilding the whole chip, it is incredibly specialised, well beyond the capability of fly by nights I’m sure!


As with ALL the cheap cards on eBay these are upgraded micro SD cards. They’re very reliable and offer massive savings from their counterparts.


“Professionally upgraded at a factory in bulk”.. i.e. some backstreet ne’er dowell has run some dodgy software to create a false file table so it appears to computers/phones/tablets etc. that the card has more space than it actually does “in bulk”!


Not massive savings, £15 for an actually working 64 GB card instead of a massively unreliable 8 GB one, if anyone dares to put one in a camera or something they might find it records to nowhere after reaching 8 GB since some people might do this whilst being unaware they might lose valuable recordings or pictures. Some cameras if formatted in them might correctly format it to 8 GB, however what’s the betting that these have poor quality chips and are generally unreliable even for the capacity they DO have!


They tend to make it to around 75-90% of full capacity before they might experience errors. If this happens you’ll need to format the card to use it again.


So even if these cards could go above 8 GB who on earth would want to use something where the seller has specifically stated that if you are trying to use it to near the full capacity, file transfers, recordings etc. might actually just fail. If you were prepared to accept that what did you want the card for.


The clueless rip off merchant also makes another mistake, cards above 32GB are not SDHC, they are actually SDXC and some devices are not able to read them, but he is claiming to sell a 256GB Micro SDHC card which would Fake32GBMicroSDcardactually be an SDXC card if a genuine product, oh dear.


Why eBay does not just get rid of these listings which will be damaging for its reputation is beyond me!


“I actually had an experience of buying a fake MicroSD card myself, I had just purchased a dashcam for recording car journeys and ordered from eBay what claimed to be a 32GB MicroSD card (pictured above). Unfortunately my camera refused to record anything with it and my laptop wouldn’t even recognise it. I ordered another one from Sandisk which worked perfectly.” – Jack Bromby


Fakery in Micro SD cards I think is quite a serious anti consumer offence. As somebody unwitting might lose irreplaceable photos or video footage as a result of unwittingly using such a card, so eBay and other authorities need to get tough and stop these listings!


I guess selling this sort of high tech tat must have been the motivation for this muppet!
Interesting to note that with 9000 Micro SD cards strapped to his leg, even at the actual capacity they really had, rather than what he later planned to lie to eBay and customers about, could still hold pretty much every major movie, book and song ever created by humankind:


One comment to Fake MicroSD Cards on eBay and How To Avoid Them

  • Michael Farrie  says:

    They are even claiming it’s a Class 10 which is the fastest, or nearly the fastest type of card, I bet it’s not! One thing you can do with Class 10’s is take pictures whilst recording HD video, so if you can’t with this you know that’s bogus too!

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