Chernobyl comes to Google Street View

Within the past week there has been an update to Google Street View which has seen the town of Pripyat in Northern Ukraine added to the street view line-up. This town, on the border with Belarus, is the site of the famous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which Pripyat-Street-Viewexploded in April 1987 causing the evacuation of over 40,000 residents living in the town at the time. At that time, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and Pripyat is a city frozen in time, where propaganda posters can still be seen in the streets.

The street view images were taken in June 2015 and it can be seen that much of the town has been taken over by various trees and greenery, making it difficult to make out any detail of the abandoned buildings. The Pripyat Amusement Park can be explored, which is home to a ferris wheel. Taking a look at it reveals extreme rust due to no maintenance being carried out, putting it into a state of advanced disrepair.

Even more fun, the interior of some buildings is also featured, including an abandoned indoor swimming pool on ul. Sportivnaya. You may even find some other interesting gems, including burnt and abandoned furniture, just off Lesi Ukrainy Street.

Take a look around this unique city and see what you can find.


Pripyat Ferris Wheel, Pripyat Amusement Park


Pripyat Swimming Pool, ul. Sportivnaya



Abandoned furniture, near Lesi Ukrainy Street

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  • Phil  says:

    Thanks for this, wasn’t aware. Very interesting

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