BBC Radio 4 – Christmas Day Schedule


06:00 – Today
John Humphries, Justin Webb and Sarah Montague gather in the Radio 4 studio and open their presents live on air, while reporting on the news from around the world.

09:00 – Christmas Island Discs
Special guest Santa Claus appears on a Christmas version of Desert Island Discs (titled Christmas Island Discs for today), playing his favourite music and discussing his life as Santa.

09:45 – Book of the Week – The Snowman

10:00 – Women’s Hour
The presenters from Women’s Hour gather in the studio to open their presents live on air while giving opinions on the gifts they have received.

11:00 – Food Bank Report
We go live to a number of different food banks across the country as they report on how they did this year. Also a competition to see which city has the most generous residents based on how much each food bank raised.

11:30 – Christmas Feuds
Hosted by Jeremy Kyle. Various families from around the country go live on air to have a Christmas family feud. Family members criticise each other due to getting a present that they did not want.

12:00 – News Summary
A summary of news from around the world.

12:15 – Money Box Live
Paul Lewis presents the Christmas Day Special of Money Box. Subjects include how to revive your bank account after Christmas, returning your unwanted presents and how to prepare for Boxing Day and January sales by pitching the best tent outside Matalan.

13:00 – Santa Reports
Santa Claus reports live from the North Pole via Skype on how the night’s deliveries went, and his diet goals for the following year after a night of filling up on milk and cookies.

13:45 – Brexit and Christmas
A team of political experts and analysts discuss how Brexit will affect Christmas in the UK in the future. Will Santa be able to continue making deliveries in the UK post-Brexit?

14:00 – The Archers
Dec 24th – The residents of Ambridge prepare for Christmas Day. Can the Grundy’s sell enough turkeys to keep the away the bailiffs from Can’t Pay, Well Take It Away?

14:15 – Afternoon Drama – Scrooge and Brexit
It’s 2020 and Article 50 has just been implemented, Scrooge is the richest man in London but Brexit has caused the British markets to crash, how will he retain his wealth?

15:00 – HM The Queen
The Radio 4 programme controller and the rest of the population get a 15 minute nap while the Queen gives her annual Christmas speech live from Buckingham Palace.

15:15 – Gardeners Christmas Time
The Gardeners Questiontime panel gather in Bank Street Gardens in Galashiels to open their presents live on air. The Scottish Borders Council spokesman will also be on to discuss how the council expects the gardens to deteriorate in the coming years due to Brexit.

16:00 – The 3rd Degree
Students from the University of Manchester face academics as they are quizzed on Christmas related subjects including how many reindeer does Santa have plus North Pole economics.

17:00 – Panorama Radio Edition – Santa’s Workshop
In this special radio edition of Panorama, we investigate claims of slavery at Santa’s North Pole-based workshop. We send an undercover reporter disguised as an Elf working at the factory making toys to investigate working conditions for Santa’s elves.

18:00 – Six O’Clock News
Roundup of the day’s news, plus sport and weather.

18:30 – New Years Resolutions
John Humphries interviews members of the public on their new year resolutions and whether they have fulfilled them. Featuring a 130 stone man from Bournemouth who challenged himself to become a stick man by the end of the year. Also, a labourer from Bolton who challenged himself to become fluent in 20 languages within 6 months.

19:00 – The Archers
25th Dec – The residents of Ambridge open their Christmas presents. Have enough turkeys been sold this Christmas to pay the rent, or will Paul Bohill be making a trip to Ambridge after the new year, armed with a writ.

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