BBC Radio 4 – Christmas Day Schedule


06:00 – Today
John Humphries, Justin Webb and Sarah Montague gather in the Radio 4 studio and open their presents live on air, while reporting on the news from around the world.

09:00 – Christmas Island Discs
Special guest Santa Claus appears on a Christmas version of Desert Island Discs (titled Christmas Island Discs for today), playing his favourite music and discussing his life as Santa.

09:45 – Book of the Week – The Snowman

10:00 – Women’s Hour
The presenters from Women’s Hour gather in the studio to open their presents live on air while giving opinions on the gifts they have received.

11:00 – Food Bank Report
We go live to a number of different food banks across the country as they report on how they did this year...

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Chernobyl comes to Google Street View

Within the past week there has been an update to Google Street View which has seen the town of Pripyat in Northern Ukraine added to the street view line-up. This town, on the border with Belarus, is the site of the famous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which Pripyat-Street-Viewexploded in April 1987 causing the evacuation of over 40,000 residents living in the town at the time. At that time, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and Pripyat is a city frozen in time, where propaganda posters can still be seen in the streets.

The street view images were taken in June 2015 and it can be seen that much of the town has been taken over by various trees and greenery, making it difficult to make out any detail of the abandoned buildings. The Pripyat Amusement Park can be explored, which is home to a ferris wheel...

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Fake MicroSD Cards on eBay and How To Avoid Them

Written by Michael Farrie, Edited by Jack Bromby

This listing is fake, claiming to offer 256GB capacity but in actual fact most likely offering just an 8 GB card. The seller “zoemccook” or should that be “zomeccrook” doesn’t half write some garbage:

When purchasing one of our micro SD memory cards please ensure that you have read and understand the following information. These memory cards are a quality product and have been professionally upgraded at a factory in bulk, as such the capacity of these memory cards can vary from 8gb to 256gb. All of our memory cards are guaranteed have a minimum capacity of 8gb. These are 8GB upgraded cards.” i.e...

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Responding to Spam Emails – Nobert Smid, 29/03/2016

Having a look through the spam folder on my emails earlier this evening, I came across one from one Nobert Smid (, whom was claiming to be in charge of the Claims Department at the National Lottery in the UK and he had a “business proposal” worth over £1million that he wished to discuss with me urgently. (Right-click on the emails, and click “Open in New Tab” to see the full email)

Nobert Smid - Spam - 1

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Shameless – UK TV Series Review

Review by Michael Farrie, Edited by Jack Bromby

Has anyone watched “Shameless“? I didn’t watch it at all when it was going out new, and have watched up to Series 7 this year because a friend got me into it, it’s a very addictive drama and comedy and it’s more intense than just watching soaps like Coronation Street. As a left winger I pretty much side with Frank and just root for him, right wingers probably watch being entertained by their disapproval of him, and I’ve watched for anything that

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National VideoGame Arcade, Nottingham – Review

Video Game Arcade Nottingham 1

Selfie outside the arcade

This is a post I’ve wanted to write for a while but never actually found the time to do it, I visited the National VideoGame Arcade in Nottingham back in mid-December and thought it might be a good idea to write a review about it. I went there with the Autism Matters group. The arcade itself is located on Carlton Street in the city centre of Nottingham and of course, one of the first things I did upon arrival at the arcade was take a selfie outside on the street in front of the building.

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Man’s Socks Get Wet While Retrieving Newspaper


The pleasure of wearing dry socks is a liberty that most of us across the world can enjoy and take full advantage of. However for one man in Southampton he found that he was not able to bask in the glory of wearing dry socks as his feet accidentally came into contact with a body of water while he was wearing them.

Richard Fisher, 26 of Sandhurst Road, Southampton woke up one overcast Friday morning and decided he needed a fix of the local news before starting the day. As a result he decided he would exit the safety of his dry, warm house to retrieve his copy of the Daily Echo newspaper which had been left outside his house on the doorstep by the delivery boy, as opposed to putting it through his letterbox for unknown reasons.

Mr Fisher opened his front door and without looking stepped ou...

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Essential Phone Apps for Stag & Hen Nights


If there’s a stag or hen night coming up then there is a few apps you may wish to put on your phone to make the event go as smoothly as possible. Stag and hen nights can easily go wrong but thankfully there are apps to ensure that what can go wrong is kept to a minimum. So in this article we take a look at some useful apps you may wish to use.

Eating Out

Finding somewhere to eat is probably one of the important things you can do when you’re on a stag or hen night. There are many different apps available for finding restaurants; probably the most extensive is OpenTable which features 4,200 restaurants signed up. Vouchercloud is another great app as this one can offer you discounts and offers to many different restaurants. Bookatable is an excellent app you can use as this app will allow...

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Another trip to Center Parcs


Well, I’ve just got back from another holiday to Center Parcs (Whinfell Forest) with Live Life Services. I originally only intended to go on Friday and drive back to Teesside on the Saturday, but someone dropped out of the trip so I managed to go for the full weekend for a discounted price of £100. I thought why not, since I had no other commitments. Overall it was a good trip, albeit getting off to a poor start. I actually enjoyed this trip more than the previous one a couple of weeks ago, as there were less people it meant I ended up with an en-suite room to myself.


I awoke on Friday morning at around 9am or so and packed the last few bits in my suitcase, of course I left my earphones and towel at my Dad’s house, so I had to drive over there and get those before heading over to...

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Night on the Party Bus

Had a great night out tonight with Live Life Services, we had a night out on the party bus. This is a minibus which has been equipped with a music system, mini bar (which is free), and even karaoke. We had an hour on the bus, which just drove around Middlesbrough while we all enjoyed ourselves. We had so much fun that the hour passed by so quickly, it felt more like ten minutes rather than an hour. The Party Bus is with Millennium Limos and I would highly recommend them if anyone is looking for party bus hire in Teesside.

I’m glad it’s been a good night as things haven’t been too good recently, the job I got didn’t work out and I ended up leaving, telling them that it wasn’t the job for me...

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