Welcome to my Photos page


Hello and thank you for clicking onto the photos page of my website. Here you can browse through the latest photo albums I have posted from various trips and other random things. I take alot of selfies and I am even the proud owner of a selfie stick. As a result there is an entire photo album dedicated to selfies I have taken.

Flag Collections

My collection of world flags, on my bedroom wall.

FM Radio RDS Photos/Screenshots

A collection of photos and screenshots of FM radio stations across the UK and abroad.

(Updated: 29th April 2016)

Key 103 Radio Studio Photos

Michael Farrie‘s photos of the Key 103 radio station studios in Manchester.


A collection of many different selfies I have taken in different places.

Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

9 pictures from around Uttoxeter, Staffordshire taken on Sunday 25th October 2015

Winter Hill

A gallery from a visit to Winter Hill, a tall hill near Bolton from which you can see a large portion of North West England.