Stag & Hen Weekends – UK vs Abroad

If you are considering travelling abroad for a stag weekend, it may not be a good idea. We have put together this article which compares cities in the UK to cities abroad to highlight why spending your stag or hen weekend in the UK is a better idea.

Newcastle vs Baghdad, Iraq


With an average high temperature of 44°C in July, it may be very tempting to host your stag weekend in Baghdad, however as most governments recommend against travelling there it may not be a good idea unless you have access to armed guards and a helicopter for transportation. Iraq is a war-zone, so if you decide to travel here it may be one of those holidays where you never know if you are going to come back. On the other hand, if you decide to travel to Baghdad for your stag party then a visit to the Baghdad Zoo is a must, the largest zoo in Iraq and once the largest in the Middle East.

Newcastle may be the safer option, while it doesn’t have a zoo or the weather conditions quite as impressive as Baghdad’s, you will not need armed guards or helicopters for transportation. Many people choose Newcastle as a destination to host their stag party due to its nightlife and wide range of pubs, clubs and bars, which is something that may be few and far between in the Iraqi capital.

Recommended Destination: Newcastle

Nottingham vs Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is just a short 63 hour drive from London and with it being the capital and largest city in Saudi Arabia; you would think it would have one of the best nightlife scenes in the country. However, this is not the case. While most people would enjoy alcoholic beverages on their stag night, this would not be recommended in Riyadh as it is against the law and will probably result in a few months in jail and even possibly public flogging or whipSaudi-soft-drinksping. However, if you intend to drink soft drinks or bottled mineral water all night, then Riyadh is most definitely the place to go as you won’t end up spending much money due to the low prices of these drinks.

In Nottingham, there is more of a nightlife scene, and drinking alcohol at the worst may land you a few hours in jail, rather than a few months, due to a charge of being drunk and disorderly. Also, there is a significantly lower chance that the consumption of alcohol beverages will result in public flogging or whipping.

Recommended Destination: Nottingham

Brighton vs Kabul, Afghanistan


Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and while it is one of the most hostile countries in the world, you may occasionally find the British 3-pin sockets, which saves having to pack adapters. Alcohol consumption is illegal but can be found in many western restaurants throughout the city, so anyone planning to host their stag weekend here will have to stick to these establishments only. There are insects, arachnids and snakes, so you should be extremely careful when you are in Afghanistan as these can be incredibly dangerous. Other dangers to watch out for include the Taliban and other terrorist groups, landmines, unexploded ordinances and IEDs. However temperatures can reach over 50°C so if you can look past all the negatives, this may be the perfect sunshine holiday.

Brighton, however, has a much more widespread and impressive nightlife and of course, drinking alcohol is permitted. Brighton is much easier to get to than Kabul and terrorist groups, landmines and dangerous insects are generally not found inside the city.

Recommended Destination: Brighton

Overall, from what we have discovered in this article, it is probably not a good idea at all to travel abroad for your stag weekend, it is highly recommended to stay in the UK and host it in one of the fabulous cities located on This Sceptred Isle.