Teesside Scanner Frequencies

Teesside Scanner Frequencies – for Billingham, Stockton, Middlesbrough & Hartlepool

For those of you who own a scanner and enjoy listening to a variety of services (e.g. taxis), I have provided an up to date list of local scanner frequencies in the Teesside area. I currently own three scanners – a Uniden USC230 handheld scanner, a Uniden BCT15X desktop scanner and an E4000 TV stick which I use as a SDR USB dongle as it has the RTL2832u chipset, I can also use the dongle to decode digital TRBO signals using DSD+ and also pagers using PDW.


Frequencies highlighted in blue are TRBO, some may be decodable and listened to using DSD+, you will need either an RTL2832u dongle or a modified scanner with a discriminator tap to do this.


Latest Update – 3rd April 2016 – Autocab freq for Stockton Cars added


Download a full list of frequencies for Teesside & North East – Thank you to Paul Burnett for providing me with this. You can also see my list of current frequencies below.


Pictures of my scanners

Here are pictures I have taken of my scanners, click on the image to see a larger image.

UnidenUSC230 UnidenBCT15X E4000 SDR dongle
 Uniden USC230 Uniden BCT15X  E4000 USB Dongle 

Eemits Repeaters

A local 2 way radio solutions provider, you will hear mainly taxis, council workers and care workers for the elderly on these frequencies. The transmitter is based at Eston Nab, where Smooth Radio’s 107.7 FM service is broadcast from.

Frequency (MHz)
164.9625 TRBO – Can be decoded with DSD+ 
440.4250 TRBO – Can be decoded with DSD+ 



Frequency (MHz) Description
453.925 Ineos Nitriles UK, Seal Sands
RX: 460.425
453.125 Ineos Nitriles UK, Seal Sands
RX: 459.625
453.250 Ineos Nitriles UK, Seal Sands
RX: 459.750
453.4125 Air Products Plc (TRBO – Can be decoded with DSD+)
456.0625 EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd (TRBO – Can be decoded with DSD+)
456.525 Various Users (CF Fertilisers, Sabic Petrochemicals, SSI) (TRBO – Can be decoded with DSD+)
456.5375 Various Users (Sita UK, Billingham & Redcar Bulk Terminal) (TRBO – Can be decoded with DSD+)
456.350 Dow Chemical Company, Seal Sands
RX: 461.850
453.400 Frutarom UK & Kemira Chemicals, Seal Sands
442.600 ConocoPhillips Petrolium, Seal Sands
440.550 ConocoPhillips Petrolium, Seal Sands
456.925 SSI Steel, Redcar
453.675 Tata Steel, Seal Sands
453.7425 Tata Steel, Seal Sands
453.075 Growhow, Billingham
166.6375 Harsco Metals, Redcar
447.6875 Chemoxy, Middlesbrough



Frequency (MHz) Description
167.4625 Tees Bay Pilots (TRBO – can be decoded with DSD+)
453.725 New River Retail Property Unit (TRBO – can be decoded with DSD+)
440.4125 Unidentified (TRBO – can be decoded with DSD+)
165.2000 North Tees Hospital, Stockton
451.375 Holme House Prison, Stockton
165.5625 Stagecoach Buses (Teesside) (TRBO – Can be decoded with DSD+)
166.1875 Stockton Council
456.325 Tesco (Unknown)
165.5875 Ron Perry Vehicle Breakdown Recovery
454.79370 Central Mosque, Stockton
169.3500 AV Dawson, Middlesbrough
456.6500 Middlesbrough Council
165.1875 Vopak Terminal, Seal Sands
453.3500 Teesport
164.9875 Unidentified
166.1250 Hartlepool Council
453.4750 Hartlepool Council
164.525 North East Communications (TRBO)
456.3500 Durham University
165.6000 Unidentified
442.6375 Sembcorp Security
443.1375 Sembcorp Security
456.5000 Teesside University Security
456.5500 Teesside University Security
456.6375 Morrisons Warehouse, Stockton
456.7500 James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough
167.2875 Unidentified
456.5000 Teesside University & Recyc-Oil
453.9875 TeesDock (PD Ports)
456.975 TeesDock (PD Ports)
165.8875 Tarmac Ltd
453.4500 Roseberry Park Hospital, Middlesbrough
440.3500 Greenergy Terminals, Middlesbrough
130.6500 (AM) Helimed 58
446.1375 PD Teesport
440.0250 PD Teesport
167.9250 Unidentified
166.1125 Unidentified
456.9875 Unidentified
459.8500 Hartlepool F.C.
460.4500 Hartlepool F.C.
453.7000 Middlesbrough F.C.
163.3000 St John’s Ambulance



Frequency (MHz) Description
165.1625 Stockton Shopwatch
453.1125 Billingham Shopwatch
Hartlepool Pubwatch



Note: Autocab frequencies can be decoded using Taxi MDT.

Frequency (MHz) Description
165.5000 Binks Taxis, Billingham
RX: 170.3000
Autocab: 163.9125
165.4375 Royal Taxis, Thornaby
RX: 170.2375
Autocab: 163.475/166.0125
167.1000 Boro Taxis, Middlesbrough
RX: 171.9000
Autocab: 164.6125/163.7375/164.5625
166.6750 Twnety3 Taxis, Hartlepool
RX: 171.4750
164.9125 Skyline Taxis, Stockton
RX: 164.9125
Autocab: 164.8500
165.6625 Blueline Taxis, Middlesbrough
RX: 170.4625
Autocab: 168.025
165.2250 Stockton Cars
RX: 170.0250
Autocab: 158.300
167.6625 Tees Valley Cabs
RX: 172.4625
168.1875 Roadwise Taxis
RX: 172.9875
165.2375 Marton Taxis, Middlesbrough
RX: 170.0375
165.7000 Hudson Taxis, Hartlepool
RX: 170.5000
Autocab: 163.7000
167.2625 Euro Cars, Middlesbrough
RX: 172.0625
Autocab: 163.475
167.3625 Station Cars, Eaglescliffe
RX: 172.1625
165.1125 Taxi
RX: 169.9125
165.1375 Taxi
RX: 169.9375
165.3375 Taxi
RX: 170.1375
165.2875 Borough Taxis, Middlesbrough
RX: 170.0875
165.0500 Taxi
RX: 169.8500
163.4125 Frontline Taxis (Autocab)
163.4625 A1 Cars (Autocab)
163.0375 Unidentified (Autocab)